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The Paper Bear Limited Art Series

Updated: Apr 8

We recently released a limited art series to help us reach our fundraising goals, complete our feature film production, and bring more awareness to our cause. Our co-founder and director, Arix Zalace, created 14 pieces of fine art highlighting critical moments of his time filming wild black bears in the state forests of South Walton, Florida. It took years of preparation, scouting, and waiting to capture the scenes you'll see on display.

To help those who couldn't attend the art exhibit, we wanted to give everyone a chance to show their support. Every purchase goes to support our new charity and the production of our first feature film that will help inspire millions into action. Every art piece is printed on metal, which is great for outdoor use. The material is waterproof, fire retardant, anodized, scratch resistant, and has a UV protectant coating. We also offer various print sizes to help accommodate more spaces.


In the hotter summer months, Max (a fitting name for the bear cub) could often be found chilling in the shade.

Babysitting Tree

Mama bears often use a "babysitting tree" to get some rest. They send their cubs up the tree and then sleep at its base. The cubs often become very comfortable with these trees, playing or lounging around the base.

Bath Time

Beach Day



Cubs Playground


Hunting Acorns

King of the Forest

Queen of the Forest

Stand Off



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