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Walton County, Florida Partners with The Paper Bear to Highlight Biodiversity through Upcoming Feature Film

The Paper Bear is thrilled to announce an extraordinary partnership with Walton County, Florida, a collaboration that marks a significant milestone in our mission to fuse conservation with creativity. This partnership, a harmonious blend of environmental stewardship and artistic storytelling, aims to spotlight the rich biodiversity of the Florida Panhandle, and Walton County is at the heart of it all.

The Paper Bear and Walton County Tourism

Thanks to the generous support of the Walton County Tourist Department, which has contributed $400,000 towards our cause, we are set to complete a crucial segment of our upcoming feature-length film: an animation that promises to bring a new perspective that will fuel greater impact in the surrounding community. This funding is not just a financial boon but a testament to the shared values and commitment to preserving the natural beauty and biodiversity of Walton County. 

Crafting a Story of Inspiration

Our upcoming film is more than a project; it's a passion driven by the urgent need to communicate the importance of biodiversity and conservation in an engaging and accessible way. With its stunning landscapes ranging from coastal dunes to dense forests, Walton County is a living classroom teeming with life and lessons on ecological balance. Central to this story is the black bear, a species that plays a vital role in the health and sustainability of these ecosystems.

Paired with live-action characters and dazzling scenes, the animation is designed to captivate and educate audiences, weaving together the beauty of the Florida Panhandle’s natural environments with a story that will follow black bear characters that audiences will learn from and fall in love with. Our goal is to create a visually stunning piece that entertains and enlightens viewers on the importance of preserving our natural world for the greater good of the entire Florida Panhandle. 

A Shared Vision for the Future

This partnership embodies our belief in the power of collaboration and collective impact. By joining forces with Walton County, we amplify our message and reach a broader audience, ensuring that the story resonates far and wide. The funding provided by the Walton County Tourist Department is a pivotal step towards completing our film, but it also represents a larger commitment to environmental education and stewardship for all stakeholders. 

Furthermore, this film is poised to play a crucial role in reshaping tourism in Walton County. We anticipate attracting a more eco-conscious visitor demographic by showcasing the county's breathtaking natural beauty and the concerted efforts to preserve its wildlife and habitats. The film's allure lies not just in its visual appeal but in its ability to educate tourists about the importance of eco-friendly practices. We envision this project as a catalyst for sustainable tourism, promoting a deeper appreciation for nature and encouraging visitors to engage in responsible tourism activities that minimize environmental impact. Through this cinematic journey, we aim to inspire tourists to become stewards of the environment, contributing positively to the conservation of Walton County's natural treasures and ensuring they remain vibrant and accessible for future generations.

Join The Paper Bear on This Journey

As we progress with this film’s production, we invite the community, conservation enthusiasts, and all those who share our love for the natural world to join us. This film is a call to action, a reminder of the beauty surrounding us and our responsibility to protect it. Through storytelling, we aim to inspire change, encouraging viewers to become active participants in conservation efforts in Walton County and across the entire Florida Panhandle.

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress and information on how you can support and participate in this exciting venture. Together, with the support of partners like Walton County and the wider community, we can make a difference, turning the tide in favor of conservation and protecting the natural wonders that make the Florida Panhandle a world-class treasure.


At The Paper Bear, we believe that every story can inspire action. Join us as we bring the Florida Panhandle’s natural heritage story to the screen and help us spread the message.


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