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A Fusion of Film and Digital Art: The Paper Bear’s Exciting Collaboration at Digital Graffiti

The Paper Bear + Digital Graffiti

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the esteemed Digital Graffiti Festival! Known for our commitment to environmental education through innovative storytelling, our nonprofit feature film spotlights the astounding biodiversity of Northwest Florida, blending animation with live-action to captivate and educate audiences about our natural world.

A Cinematic Journey Into Nature, Transformed Into Digital Art

Our upcoming film seeks to entertain and spark a profound appreciation for our region's environmental richness. As we prepare for its release, we're excited to bring a slice of our creative process to the 2024 Digital Graffiti Festival. Here, attendees will witness a unique installation that showcases the intricate animation techniques behind our film. This display will be artfully integrated into the festival’s venue, with projections mapped onto the structures, transforming spaces into an interactive canvas that blurs the lines between digital art and the natural beauty it represents.

Visitors will get the opportunity to immerse themselves in animation scenes from the film.

Engaging Young Minds: A Scavenger Hunt Adventure

To deepen the connection with our younger audience, The Paper Bear and Digital Graffiti have designed an interactive scavenger hunt for Saturday, May 18th, starting at 8 PM. This engaging activity will guide children along the festival paths, encouraging them to discover and interact with the animated characters from our film hidden throughout the venue.

Each discovery will be marked with a stamp in their festival passports, with special “Easter eggs” embedded within the artworks, allowing participants to engage with the film’s themes in a fun and immersive way. The thrill of the hunt is complemented by a tangible reward; a fully stamped passport earns a special edition Digital Graffiti x The Paper Bear t-shirt, making the experience memorable and rewarding.

The Paper Bear + Digital Graffiti Scavenger Hunt
Visitors will search for some of our favorite characters.

Save the Date for a Night of Discovery and Delight

This partnership with Digital Graffiti provides a perfect platform to bring our message of environmental conservation to a broader audience through an artistic lens. It’s an opportunity for families, film enthusiasts, and art lovers to explore the interactive installations, enjoy the fusion of film and digital art, and participate in an adventure that educates and inspires.

So mark your calendars and remember to pick up your scavenger hunt passport at the festival’s entry/box office tent. Prepare for a night where art and nature converge in a celebration of the diversity and beauty of Northwest Florida. Through this exciting collaboration, we hope to create lasting impressions and foster a deeper understanding of the natural world around us.


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